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Archive sonore : Microphon’ic 2004

Microphon’ic 2004

Sound, radio on air and on the Web, performances, installations

On October 9th l’atelier de creation sonore radiophonique (acsr), together with sound creators, producers and radio presenters (from Belgium and other European countries), was transmitting a three-hour long radio programme, in public, at the “Centre Dansaert�, which was to be transformed for the occasion into a space dedicated to listening.

The meeting rooms, the stairs, lifts etc. accommodated micro-events that, at times, took place simultaneously. On the programme : vocal performances, musical improvisation, sound creation, installations… concocted by a wide range of artists.

On the bill were : Nicolas Husquet, Bob Verschueren, Peter Jacquemyn, Jacques Foschia, Alain Bolle & Vincent Tholomé, Dinah Bird, The Dead Sea Sound Orchestra, Tetsuo Kogawa, Anthony Carcone, Lester Lewitt…

A team of sound trackers (Anthony Carcone, Etienne Noiseau) was moving around inside and outside the building in order to capture, sample and feedback the event’s sound phenomena. The public present on this evening was free to move around the Centre and attend live performances or listen to the results of the improvised score (the overall mixing) performed by Anne-Sophie Papillon, Christophe Rault, Henri Landré, Irvic D’Olivier and broadcasted on radio sets installed in the inner courtyard of the building.

The whole programme was introduced and broadcasted on the different partner radio stations, from London (Resonance104.4fm) to Marseilles (Grenouille) to Nantes (Jet FM) to Brussels (Panik) to Tokyo (Kinesonus) and Mulhouse (WNE), on air and on the Internet.

The question raised was: how do we listen to the radio, how can we listen to it differently?

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