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Afro-futurism: the slave, the robot and the alien

Afro-Futurism is a term recently used to refer to a specific – mostly urban and black – subculture that evolved around dance music, science fiction and diaspora and is strongly interwoven with other youth cultures such as hip hop and techno culture.

see articles on this website: Afro-futurism, African-American strategies to overcome racial and social classification by means of technology and futuristic mythology.

Theoretical Approach
Mark Dery : Black to the Future
Paul Gilroy: The Black Atlantic
Kodwo Eshun: More Brilliant than the Sun

Practical Approach
Jazz & Funk: Sun Ra and George Clinton
Hip Hop: From Afrika Bambaataa to the Electronic Black Market
Techno: Black Secret Technology

other links:
article Loving the alien, by Mark Sinker (The Wire, issue 96, february 1992)
website Black science fiction : an aesthetic concept in black music and African American science fiction