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Throughout the whole festival:

Broadcast of Radiophonic 2007 in the Recyclart tunnel
Exhibition by François Martig at Code/Buro
Installation by Anna Friz in the new chapel

Workshop with BNA-BBOT

BNA-BBOT is facilitating a three-day workshop in order to explore its sound collection and will question the idea of contamination. Contamination of words, ideas, constructed or fortuitous relationships, successive choices: starting from a word, travelling to the middle of the voices and viewpoints and realising short sequences which will be broadcast during the last weekend of Radiophonic 2007. Practical details: 02/223.21.51 and


Two nights dedicated to : Radio Grenouille’s relaunch of the 100 pieces over the last two years. They represent all genres: sound poetry, fiction, soundscape, and phonography, radio-mixing.

A night dedicated to ‘L’homme contaminé’ (The contaminated man), a documentary by Christophe Deleu (F), 2002, directed by Anne Fleury, produced by France Culture. At the beginning, the contaminated man is one who ventured far from his protective native soil. He makes a long journey in the desert. He is a military man, sent to a distant country; the backdrop against which a technological, so-called ‘clean’ war is fought. To his great surprise, several years later, the man starts losing weight and feeling tired. He consults a doctor who orders tests to be done: the results are irreversible. And yet the hierarchy affirms to him that there is no relation between his illness and the war that was fought out there…


les rendez-vous

From 9:30 to 12:00 : ‘Les yeux collés’

Programmes of recorded and live pieces by John Deneuve, Chantal Dumas, Hyona Kim, François Martig, NG, So-On Collective, Nurse… mixed and commented by our best radio animators…

From 12:00 to 14:00 : Sonoscopie

Gregor Beck invites the authors selected for the Prizes of the French Community of Belgium, the SACD and the SCAM to comment upon and play selected extracts from their work. The three prizes will be awarded by an international jury presided by Chantal Dumas.