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Have a dream…

Have a Dream à la folie

participative and interactive performance by the collective Ici-Même (F)
(Anne-Laure Pigache, Evelyne Longchamt, Gilles Gu̩gan, Guillermo Manzo, Fred Helle et Corinne Pontier РFR)

Have a dream dans la folie (”’) [download]

saturday 27/10 and sunday 28/10 – 14:00

taking place simultaneously in the Marolles and in Marseille with Radio Grenouille


This is a live cinematic experience by radio control from the Marolles in Brussels and from Belsunce in Marseille.
After a stay in both areas, we have written a radiophonic piece.
To be listened to on the same day, at exactly the same time, in the streets of Marseille and Brussels… where will we be in the end? Whether you are listeners in Marseille or Brussels, we invite you to experience a first:
Become an actor of radio controlled cinema by joining us with your radio, armed with headphones (a loan is also possible on the spot).
If you cannot come, make yourself confortable in your kitchen, open the window and you shall hear the soundtrack of the film!
See website for the collective