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‘e-scape’ is an initiative of the group Ars Acustica of l’Union Européenne de Radiodiffusion (UER), presided by the Swede Erik-Mikael Karlsson. It promotes the renewal of the soundscape as an artistic genre of which radio broadcasting is the privileged vector, and of which numerous European radios are the pioneers. ‘e-scape’ wishes to revisit the sound environment of our cities, our countryside or our homes in a current context, which allows young radio and sound artists to fully exploit the newly available digital and interactive techniques in order to depict our everyday in entirely new expressive forms. ‘e-scape’ is called to unfold like a series of pan-European radiophonic events supported by the UER, which provides its satellite network, and which Radiophonic 2007 will inaugurate on the initiative of André Defossez (Musiq 3, RTBF). The second event in this series will be broadcast from Vienna in 2008.


friday 25/10 – 22:00

Opening by Musiq 3 with Anne Mattheeuws and Irvic D’Olivier (12’56”) [download]

Opening by PolskeRadio (45”) [download]

Performance by Els Viaene (B)

Performance (22’09”) [download]
Els Viaene began her career in documentary-making for national radio. The realistic treatment of sound has evolved into more abstract environments, using musicality and the natural rhythm of ambient and electronic sound that she animates according to the principle of collage. Working on these sound materials for performances but also for internet games, documentaries or architectural installations, she makes the listener travel in imaginary naturalistic and organic environments.
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‘Condensation-precipitation’, sound piece by Dimitri Coppe (B), 2007, co-production acsr and Arsis-thesis.

Interview with Dimitri Coppe (3’01”) [download]

Condensation-Précipitation (20’23”) [download]
‘Condensation-Précipitation’ is a radiophonic proposal of missing elements: absent protagonists, lacunary narrative, dramatisation of the off-stage… The proposal is thus, in the image of a sensitive crystallisation, pictorial rather than descriptive or informative: it is the concentration of an intention by infusion and ahead of any instruction(s) for incarnating shapes and figures, rather than the representation of signs.
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Performance by Martiens Go Home, Patrick Thinsy and Joncook (B)

Interview with Anton Aeki (Roland Wouters) (3’01”) [download]

Performance (49’05”) [download]
The duo (Benoît Deuxant and Roland Wouters) Martiens Go Home which improvises every week on Radio Campus and in the most unconventional places, has the habit of inviting musicians to improvise with them. Their laptop music based on field-recordings and sounds of broken electronic components produces soundscapes which tend towards the « anti-ambient ». For this performance, Joncook and Patrick Thinsy will infiltrate and contaminate their sounds with various objects and machines.
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e-Scape’s End (1’24”) [download]