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Tribute to Luc Ferrari

Tribute to Luc Ferrari

presented by Irvic D’Olivier in collaboration with Brunhild Ferrari, Fabrizio Terranova et Chantal Dumas

“Vous faites quoi comme métier? Je suis compositeur. Et ça se passe comment? Je suis couché en travers de la vie et la vie me traverse, comme tout le monde.” (Autobiographie n°14)
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thursday 25/10 – 20:00

presentation by Brunhild Ferrari (1’50”) [download]

Tautologos III, 1969
During the summer of 2005, Luc Ferrari recorded an old score based on three instructions: 1) Each musician chooses a cycle composed of a sound object, of a duration and a silence and repeats it 2) In the organisation of cycles made by successive recordings, the encounters may incite the musicians to change their original motif. 3) There are none. The whole will be recorded several times in a row, in layers, and with the aid of tape containing the most ridiculous sounds possible, in order to increase the sonic mass of this piece for nothing. A bit more than a month after this experiment, Luc Ferrari died. This was his last performance.

Tautologos (22’19”) [download]
interpreted by Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven (piano) and Vincent Roy (alto)
Sub Rosa’s website
Collard-Neven’s website
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Almost nothing 4 – ‘The climb up the village’, 1990-1998, 16′
Memorized sounds, produced at post-billig studio.
“There has always been hesitation on my part before releasing a Presque rien. For instance, it took two years for the first one to come out of its hiding place. The fourth one took nine years of hesitation. But here it is. Maybe because it’s a true false Presque rien, where lies intermingle with reality. Climbing up an old Vintimille village.”

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friday 26/10 – 14:00

Introduction (5’33”) [download]

‘Les arythmiques’ by Luc Ferrari, 2003
presented for the first time.

Les arythmiques (40’20”) [download]
« On the morning of May 29th 2003 when I woke up I couldn’t breathe anymore. They took me to the emergency room and there they told me I had a cardiac arrhythmia. They did an electro cardiogram for me and showed it to me. I thought that the arrhythmia weren’t very interesting, that I could do better. It is at that moment that I decided to make an electro acoustic composition which would be named Les Arythmiques… »

Interview with Chantal Dumas (16’28”) [download]

‘Riding Along With Ferrari’ by Chantal Dumas, 2006

Riding Along With Ferrari (34′) [download]
The experience of a journey is not only a question of geographic displacement. It is in fact a change of position of the spirit more than anything else. In this sense, the piece which is a tribute to the French composer who died in 2005. It functions as a roadmap through his work and is based on recordings of car noises connecting Ferrari’s soundscapes in the piece.
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End – Tribute of Luc Ferrari (12’24”) [download]
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movies’s projections at Bozar


24th of October at 20:00 : Luc Ferrari face à sa tautologie (Luc Ferrari in the face of his tautology) by Guy Marc Hinant and Dominique Lohlé, 2007, 52′. In the presence of Brunhild Ferrari and some authors.
On October 28th, from 16:00: Les Grandes Répétitions (1965-1966). Projection of five mythical films directed by Luc Ferrari and Gérard Patris on Cecil Taylor, Olivier Messiaen, Edgar Varèse, Karlheinz Stockhausen et Hermann Scherchen.