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You are far from us

installation by Anna Friz (CA)


This performative installation of recorded sounds mixed live on sixty mini radio-receptors takes as a starting point the myth (with radio origins) which predicted the possibility of a relationship between extraterrestrial and posthumous spirits. This belief is brought into relation with current radio content which bombards us with information on the number of dead there are at each moment in the world. Rather than reviving the dream of communicating with the invisible, Anna Friz proposes to embody and give voice to what may be lacking in our communication with the living. The almost inaudible sounds of breathing are placed in contrast with words, the accordion, the theremin, the harmonica, the radio and the telephone. With her installation, the artist captures moments of waiting, of intimate tension, to which she attempts to give a collective dimension.
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installation by François Martig (BE)

Visit exhibitiion at Code/Buro!

The field of contemporary art is so that an artist can easily explore the possibilities of photography and end up working with sound, while focusing on his or her goals. It’s the case of François Martig who, since several years, has sought to capture the landscape, to manipulate and change its perception, and to share his reinterpretations with the public. The train station, where Code/Buro is located, will be at the heart of his installation and the artist’s sound piece will simultaneously be broadcasted by the Festival Radiophonic.
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Broadcast of Radiophonic 2007 in the Recyclart tunnel