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Sonic Poetry

‘Interrupted Breathing Out’

Friday 26 octobre – 20:00

performance by Phil Minton (GB)

Interrupted Breathing Out (18’47”) [download]

Phil Minton, the Welsh singer and poet of the throat and improvocaliser has for more than thirty years of cultivating his vocal delirium on stages in Europe and beyond…. This incontrovertible artist of improvised music makes the impossible, sing: the sounds of the mouth, the flux of the throat, the treasure of the tongue, the harmonics, and the disguised, scattered, extraordinary voice. This is sound poetry, these are songs of the body, the trance of secret words.
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WarpZoneRadio (Word Is A Virus)

Friday 26 octobre 2007, 20:30

A proposal by Lucille Calmel and Sebastian Dicenaire with Laurent Baudoux, Lucille Calmel, Sebastian Dicenaire, F.A.G.S., Yannick Franck, Ernesto Gonzáles, Maja Jantar, Vincent Tholomé, Totenfest.

WarpzoneRadio (1h30’12”) [download]

The term warpzone comes from video games. It designates a secret passage between two worlds; between two levels of reality. We gain access to this zone via a special manipulation. It is a bit like stepping out of a set, passing backstage, in order to reappear in another part of the labyrinth. We sometimes emerge with superpowers, in a modified state of reality. Warpzone, as its name here perhaps refers to the physical theory of the curve of the universe. Here, we wish to deposit our warpzone within the confines of the verbal and the sound-based, in order to question the interactions between poetry and music on the radio. Nine artists from different horizons decide on an arbitrary or non-arbitrary division the day before and share the stage in the form of a chequer board between them, lit up alternately in threes.
To listen to Maja Jantar et Vincent Tholomé, Sebastian Dicenaire, Lucille Calmel with Tontenfest and f.a.g.s., Sun OK papi K.O. on