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Cosmic Pirat Flava


UK Radio Pirate, Grime and other intergalactic renegades

saturday 27/10 – 21:00

*RADIOPHONIC 2007 PARTY – from midnight*

Station 1: DJ Wrongspeed, Radio Babble/Radio Babel
Starting point: the network of pirate radios of London; vital space of Grime. Simon Reynolds, amateur-inventor of this English tradition and propagator of Grime music, put us onto a fabulous collage brewing the complexity and creativity of this sounds-flux-words-music from some of London’s minority communities!

Presentation of Pirate Flava by Fabrizio Terranova (2’30”) [download]

Pirate Flava (46’23”) [download]

“Dj Wrongspeed was obsessed with the grime and UK garage pirates, but also with all the strange community radio stations you have in London (…) He constructed these really great collages out of this babble of opinion (some of it quite outrageous and not the kind of thing you would get on the mainstream radio stations, which follow a liberal consensus (…) all kinds of profane speech or what Foucault would call “forbidden popular knowledge”.”

Party’s intro by Fabrizio Terranova, Yves Poliaert and Nadir (5’18”) [download]

Interstellar Sonic Celebration-A Time Travel Through (1)50(0) Years of Music by Nadir (1h07’25”) [download]

Future Dub & Dubstep with BunZero and GrimeLock (1h27’48”) [download]

Station 2: Joker: Stuck In The System
JOKER, a young producer, 18 years of age, made his mark on 2007 with his Kapsize with the singular sound. (EP on Earwax, the label of DJ Pinch). « He’s making next level instrumental grime, evoking memories of Detroit’s future.» « Remind you of a young Dizze Rascal? » Sounds originating from Starwars or Super Mario which land in a suburban street and vice versa… Exaltation… a composition for a video game filled with emotions.

The Next Level of Instrumental Grime DJ set of Joker (1h01’30”) [download]

Station 3: Afronauts and renegades: an interstellar maroons’ party
Start of broadcast – 1010101011 – Break beats, samples, echoes, scratch… From the plantations to the innermost depths of the galaxy… Keeping funk alive. Downloads, rub a dub teleportation on the version. Infra-human wah-wah infra-basses. Cyborg Bambaata 250-D 101010101 – Heading for Croatan, with your feet swinging on Earth and your head getting lost in the stars. Pirate utopias on firewire. The slaves of the machine, aliens coming from all corners of the galaxy, taking on the assault wave for X hours of interstellar broadcast, wedged upon the beat.

setDJ’s end of Joker (7’30”) + Intergalactic Mashup (Sun OK Papy KO & Afrojaws) (1h35′) [download]

On board: Defi JBun-ZeroGrimelockJokerSun OK Papi K.O. / at the controls, awful futurists Fabulator, Nadir, Lapeg/Rummenigger…

Destination planet turntable, 33 or 45 rotations a minute – uncertain trajectory on the vinyl ring, teleportation towards alien-ation: lift off!

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