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Monthly Archives: October 2007

2nd Night by Radio Grenouille


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1st Night by Radio Grenouille


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Aide à l’écoute


Pourquoi utiliser le format ogg? Contrairement aux formats mp3, wma, ram et autres, le format Ogg Vorbis est ouvert: ses spécifications sont dans le domaine public. Il est totalement libre et gratuit pour tout usage, alors que les formats propriétaires sont le plus souvent brevetés et soumis à redevance. Grâce à sa licence libre, il […]

‘Ecoute voir’ – La Première à Radiophon’ic 2003


Emission d’archives sur la soirée Poésie Son’ic du dimanche 2 novembre 2003 à Radiophon’ic 2003 [display_podcast] réalisation: Ronald Theunen et Anne-Sophie Papillon (3/11/2003) [ | | 503 service temporarily unavailable | ]

Archives sonores : Radiophon’ic 2003


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Archive sonore : Microphon’ic 2004


Microphon’ic 2004 Sound, radio on air and on the Web, performances, installations On October 9th l’atelier de creation sonore radiophonique (acsr), together with sound creators, producers and radio presenters (from Belgium and other European countries), was transmitting a three-hour long radio programme, in public, at the “Centre Dansaertâ€?, which was to be transformed for the […]

Afro-futurism: the slave, the robot and the alien


Afro-Futurism is a term recently used to refer to a specific – mostly urban and black – subculture that evolved around dance music, science fiction and diaspora and is strongly interwoven with other youth cultures such as hip hop and techno culture. see articles on this website: Afro-futurism, African-American strategies to overcome racial and social […]

Rave and jungle on UK pirate radio


Rave and jungle on UK pirate radio (June 1998) All through the Nineties, London’s ‘ardkore rave and jungle pirate stations have disrupted the decorum of the FM airwaves with their vulgar fervour and rude-boy attitude. Pirate DJ’s unleash a mad multi-generic mash-up of hip hop breakbeats, dub-reggae bass and Euro-rave synth-bombast. The MC surfs this […]