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Anti-concours international Anti-Contest

acsr, the Brussels based platform for sound and radiophonic creation, launches an international anti-contest of sound-rebels.

“Politics in a work of literature, is like a gunshot in the middle of a concert, something uncivilized to which however it is not possible to turn your back� (Stendhal)

“Make resistance a counter-power and rebellion a project of love� (M. Hardt/A. Negri)

This anti-contest is open to all amateurs and professionals of radiophonic sound creation. It is requested from the participants to create an original sound work expressing a rebellion (individual or social) without using text. The maximum duration of the work is 2 minutes. A selection of these short pieces will be diffused during the Radiophonic 2007 festival which will take place in Brussels between 25th and 28th October.

Please send your contribution on CD, in audio format .wav (44.1 kHz – 16 bit) before October 8th, 2007 to acsr, 49 rue Saint-Josse, B-1210 Brussels, Belgium.